Testing is the most crucial phase in a system’s development cycle to guarantee a product which functions correctly and meets the customer’s specifications. It is important to start testing the system in the earliest possible stage of development in order to root out issues that might be become very costly if discovered late and to ensure a timely delivery of a finished product. We have experience with both using existing test frameworks as well as developing dedicated testing tools for specific embedded systems.

Software Testing

  • Unit testing during development
  • Test specifications and test cases
  • Deployment of existing test frameworks
  • Dedicated test tools development for embedded systems
  • Functional testing

Compliance Testing (HW)

  • EMC testing against various standards
    • Test specification and set-up
    • Early prototype pre-compliance
    • Emissions and immunity testing for
      • CE marking
      • Other for international markets
    • External laboratories only
  • Safety testing
  • Environmental testing
  • Stress testing