System Design

Any new R&D project will start with a high level system design. Liewenthal can sculpt even the most non-technical product idea into a specification and effectively plan the whole engineering cycle. Most of the risks – technical, budgetary or risks on schedule – are forecast and minimized. Creating specifications out of non-technical … Read More

Software Design

Embedded software Bare-metal firmware Real-time operating systems Embedded Linux solutions (BSPs and applications) PC software Embedded system support software: Data processing Firmware updates User interfaces Mobile apps Web applications User interfaces for desktop browsers and mobile devices Embedded Software An embedded system cannot function without software. Liewenthal offers software development services for … Read More

Electronics Design

Electronics is the basis of every embedded device. Liewenthal has designed various electronic equipment using analog, digital and mixed signal techniques. We are able to cover the whole design spectrum ranging from analog front end, high speed digital, RF and power supplies. Constant learning and active R&D work over the years will … Read More


Liewenthal offers re-design services for situations when: The product consists of components that have gone end-of-life or are hard to get; Production cost exceeds expectations or the assembly is too complex; The source code or design files are not available but changes are needed.

FPGA / PLD Design

Programmable logic devices (CPLDs, FPGAs) add flexibility to embedded systems. They allow implementation of new features to an existing system while requiring minimal hardware changes. Our VHDL and Verilog experience ranges from simple state machines to more complex SRAM, DRAM, USB, SD card and PCI bus controllers. We have also used FPGAs … Read More


Testing is the most crucial phase in a system’s development cycle to guarantee a product which functions correctly and meets the customer’s specifications. It is important to start testing the system in the earliest possible stage of development in order to root out issues that might be become very costly if discovered … Read More

Test Systems / Testers

During manufacturing each device produced needs to be tested and verified to be operational. Liewenthal is capable of designing manufacturing test procedures as well as dedicated test software and hardware for the customer’s device … Read more

NPI / Small Volume Production

By providing also manufacturing service, Liewenthal’s objective is to reduce project total cost and speed up time-to-market. Services Material management Prototype production Small volume production (SMD, THT and FA) Box builds Testing Logistics After sales service