Push-to-talk over cellular

Highlights: Compatible with majority of phones Full duplex Push-to-talk functionality Large buttons for use with gloved hands 3.5mm headset/earpiece connector Durable (IP55) Micro USB charger Industry: Emergency services, logistics Role of Liewenthal: Electronics design Product testing and validation

LED power supply

Highlights: Supply voltage 12/24 V Dimmable with supply voltage PWM LED current up to 200 mA and voltage up to 38V Industry: Consumer electronics Role of Liewenthal: Electronics design Product testing and validation Hardware support

MIPI STP tracing device

Highlights: Designed around an FPGA for maximum flexibility Supports capturing 1-bit to 4-bit wide STP signals/traces up to 100MHz DDR USB 2.0 and Ethernet interfaces for communicating with PC Continuous tracing while saving traces in PC CF card support for saving traces in stand-alone mode Touch-screen interface for controlling the device Industry: … Read More

Universal heat pump controller

Highlights: Control your heatpump with a smartphone from anywhere Secure WiFi connection to cloud services IR transmitter and receiver ZigBee for extensions Automatic firmware update Industry: HVAC Role of Liewenthal: System design Electronics design Software design and development Cloud back-end server design and development Product testing and validation

Fido trace box

Fido is a bundle of hardware and software modules serving as a tracing interface between traced device(s) and user application. The physical interfaces between traced device(s) and PC is provided by Fido boxes. They will pre-process the data received from traced device(s) and forward it via USB connection to software module running … Read More

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