Fido trace box

Fido is a bundle of hardware and software modules serving as a tracing interface between traced device(s) and user application. The physical interfaces between traced device(s) and PC is provided by Fido boxes. They will pre-process the data received from traced device(s) and forward it via USB connection to software module running on PC. The software module converts data into format acceptable for user application software.


Following documents are available upon request:

  • Fido Quick Start Guide
  • Fido Programmer’s Reference
  • Fido Data Processing Reference
  • Fido Interface Electrical Specification
  • Fido Target Emulator Reference
  • MIPI 34pin FTSH Trace Cable v2.4 Datasheet
  • MIPI 60pin QSH Trace Cable Datasheet
  • MIPI MicroSD Trace Cable v4.2 Datasheet
  • MIPI-60-34-38 converter v. 1.2 Datasheet
  • Fido SW Performance
  • How To Create Fido Ini Files
  • XTIv3 Data Processing Reference

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